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Mike is always very helpful. He looks out for me each year when my policy is renewing, and if he can find me a better deal, he does so, no questions asked. He is responsive, caring, and personable. He cares about me as a client and is not just in it for the paycheck. I appreciate him.
Angela A., customer since 2016
If I have ever had any questions, need assistance, etc. The response time has been excellent. Running a business- there are quite a few things that have to be completed "now". Your representatives have been outstanding in allowing me to complete items and not be bogged down with waiting, etc. Thank you for all you do.
Customer since 2014
Excellent communication, friendly people, comfort in knowing any issues will be addressed, helpful to obtain discounts and amazing coverage
Eric B., customer since 2013
Skogman Insurance is always ahead of the game when letting you know about new products and whether they fit your needs.  They always get back to you quickly when you have questions about your policies.</p><small><cite>Debra D., customer since 2018</cite></small></blockquote><blockquote class="rr-testimonial"><p>On time.  Very knowledgeable.  Very pleasant to talk too.  And Skogman very helpful with our HOA insurance.
Customer since 2012
We have been customers of Skogman Insurance for decades. We have always received top notch service and truly believe that they do their best to provide us with the best products to serve our needs. We have both auto and homeowner's insurance policies with Skogman and they have always delivered quickly when we have had claims. 
Larry, customer since the 1970's 
Customer since 2004
Skogman-Carlson Insurance has been our property insurance provider for a number of years now.  In all that time, we have never had anything but excellent relationships with them.  Everything is taken care of by them, so that we have one less thing to worry about when it comes to managing our business.  Our agent is one of the best I have ever worked with in the insurance industry-always helpful and knowledgeable.
Michael P., customer since 2006
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