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I got an insurance quote fairly quickly all over text! easy and painless. The agent even help me set up the App for my new policy on my phone. Thnks!
- Brook T.

I know that everyday you deal with people who are trying to decide between different insurance companies. Tell them to talk to me and I would advise them to stop agonizing and select Westbend. I recently had an accident in which the other party was ticketed and yet his company fought us tooth and nail. Westbend then got involved and exceeded their responsibility by first covering my damages and then took over the fight with the other company. So, bottom line, no contest we purchase insurance to take care of us and Westbend takes care of their customers. Thanks for your help and show this to your potential customers with my blessings."
- Mike D.

I was referred to Skogman Carlson Insurance (Hiawatha) by my realtor a few months ago when I purchased my first home. I can say, hands down, this was the most beneficial reference I have ever received. I worked with Bob Syndes (Syd) and Kim Hedeman (among other team members) to obtain home insurance. Let me tell you, what a delight it has been.

Syd and the crew at Skogman Carlson researched everything for me, found the cheapest rate, and helped consolidate my home and auto for an even lower rate. They were very responsive during this period – communicating via email daily, which is my preferred method of communication. They did all of the work, leaving me to simply approve the policy. Buying a home is quite a process, so having someone in your corner who is genuinely looking out for your best interest and cares about your satisfaction is huge – and that is what Skogman Carlson is all about.

On top of purchasing a home, I also purchased a car about two months later. Again, Skogman Carlson made this easy for me. I sent a quick email to Syd to inquire about rates, add the car to my policy and remove my existing vehicle. They took care of all of that in a short amount of time and even reached out to my previous insurance company upon discovering that company had not cancelled my old policy at the time of its request. By the time I checked my email on that day and learned of this, Syd and Kim straightened the issue out and had the previous company issue me a full refund for the months I was incorrectly being charged. I was happy with their willingness to go above and beyond to make this a hassle-free experience.

What I enjoy most about my continued experience is the localized/personal touch I get every time I talk with them. I was initially hesitant about sending emails as I didn’t want to feel like a burden, but they encourage my communication. They want clients to be as knowledgeable as possible. In a very short amount of time, they became my friends. I no longer hesitate in sending emails and I never worry about receiving a response. It just feels right. If you’re looking for professionalism and resolve, but more importantly, want to get to know some really elite and fun professionals, I HIGHLY recommend Skogman Carlson Insurance.

- Tyler P.