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Recently an idea was shared with our office for a purse drive that would assist domestic violence survivors & help build self-esteem along with confidence. Over the past two weeks gently used purses were donated by our team along with personal care items to fill the purses. We gathered 20 purses along with over 40 toiletry items which, will be donated to the Madge Phillips Center. This was such a great cause, we look forward to helping with other community projects this fall. 


Pack A Purse Event

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I know that everyday you deal with people who are trying to decide between different insurance companies. Tell them to talk to me and I would advise them to stop agonizing and select Westbend. I recently had an accident in which the other party was ticketed and yet his company fought us tooth and nail. Westbend then got involved and exceeded their responsibility by first covering my damages and then took over the fight with the other company. So, bottom line, no contest we purchase insurance to take care of us and Westbend takes care of their customers. Thanks for your help and show this to your potential customers with my blessings.

Mike D.